Probate Administration

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Administration of Probate Estate and Trusts after the loss of a loved one is a difficult time for everyone. We assist individuals and families with probate administration for estates of all sizes and complexities. We appear regularly in Probate Courts throughout Connecticut and are well-versed in local variations in practice and procedure.

From the initial probate application to the final accounting and proposed distribution of assets, MZS attorneys are dedicated to helping clients accomplish the necessary probate administration tasks with efficiency and responsiveness. Throughout the process, we keep our clients informed and up-to-date, promptly addressing any concerns or questions, so that they are comfortable with how probate is proceeding and have a full understanding of their rights and obligations along the way.

Probate administration involves a lot of moving parts, requiring organization, coordination among many different parties and entities, and careful attention to detail. Our comprehensive probate administration services include practical experience and depth of knowledge in valuation of assets, real estate issues, and estate tax implications, and our clients value the thorough, meticulous, personalized approach we take in every probate administration matter we handle.

Sometimes the probate process can start out smoothly and then you run into a problem along the way or the process becomes contentious or messy. We can help. Wherever you are in the probate process, MZS attorneys can step in and assist, regardless of the complexity of the issue or the estate. Our team will ensure that every deadline is met, that all the necessary paperwork is properly completed and timely filed, included tax returns and estate inventories, and that your rights are well-protected from start to finish.

Probate Administration Services

Our probate administration services include:

Ancillary Estate Proceedings

A Connecticut ancillary estate proceeding is required when a resident of another state dies owning an interest in Connecticut real property or has personal property in Connecticut that the personal representative refuses to relinquish. An ancillary estate proceeding may also be granted for the protection of local creditors or beneficiaries. MZS attorneys are available to provide assistance and counsel on ancillary estate matters.

Creditor Claims

MZS attorneys can assist clients with assessing the legal validity of creditor claims. Once the probate court notifies the estate’s creditors of the decedent’s death, the creditors generally have at least 150 days to present their claims. If you are having difficulty determining whether creditor claims are legitimate, we can help to evaluate claims and advise creditors whether claims will be allowed or rejected, in whole or in part.

Estate Inventory

MZS attorneys can assist individuals and families with compiling an inventory of the estate and in the valuation of assets. We are experienced in dealing with substantial or unusual assets and are able to obtain necessary appraisals and/or comparative market analyses with diligence and efficiency.

Estate Tax Returns

Under Connecticut law, the estate tax return is due six months after the decedent’s death. A return must be filed, even if no estate tax is due. In addition to state estate taxes, other types of taxes, such as federal estate taxes, income taxes, and property taxes may be due. Our experienced probate administration attorneys will either prepare the estate tax returns or work with you and your tax professionals to assure any and all tax filings are completed. .

Real Estate Closings

Our commitment to providing multidisciplinary service to our client allows us to assist and support our clients with any residential real estate closings or estate sales that may be necessary as part of probate administration.

Small Estate Procedure

Under certain circumstances, such as where a living trust is established or there is joint ownership of property, probate may be avoided in Connecticut. If your total assets do not exceed $40,000 and do not include real estate, Connecticut’s simpler small estate procedure may be used, and we can assist you with the necessary paperwork.

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