Real Estate Transactions/Development

Why MZS? Comprehensive, strategic representation.

We represent businesses and individuals in a wide range of real estate matters, including assisting developers engaged in public-private partnerships and managing commercial and residential real estate transactions. At MZS we pride ourselves on providing high-quality, innovative legal services in a more efficient, client-focused, and responsive manner. Our developer clients highly value the strategic insight the firm’s significant experience serving in and representing municipalities throughout Connecticut provides. The reputation we have built over the course of several decades of working closely with local governments has also given us access to an extensive network of resources, relationships, and community connections, all of which we are able to bring to bear on each transaction we handle. The legal acumen and practical experience of our real estate practice, combined with our accessibility and responsiveness, makes MZS a unique practice for today’s rapidly changing real estate markets.

As experienced municipal lawyers, we are well-versed in the myriad legal issues and challenges that can arise for developers over the course of a public-private partnership, including matters relating to construction law, economic development, and environmental law. Each of our attorneys has particular areas or practice or focus, including land use and zoning, litigation, appeals, and labor and employment, allowing us to offer our clients a multidisciplinary approach to real estate matters and to become trusted advisors as developers navigate their partnerships with public entities.

Our individual clients also rely on the depth and breadth of our experience when, for example, a real estate closing is necessary in connection with a complicated probate administration. Rather than having to retain separate counsel to handle the transaction, likely resulting in delay, as well as added cost and stress, our real estate attorneys can manage the closing. Our commitment to providing comprehensive representation with personalized attention gives our individual clients confidence and peace of mind that MZS can address their every legal need with service that is both sophisticated and efficient.

Real Estate/Development Services

Our real estate/development services include:

Assisting Developers Engaged in Public-Private Partnerships

We represent real estate developers in all aspects of their participation in a municipal project, including appearing on their behalf before local land use boards, preparing applications for federal funding, and negotiating and drafting the necessary agreements to operate a public project. Our considerable practical experience, gained from years spent serving in and representing local governments, gives us valuable insight into what municipalities are looking for and expecting from businesses seeking to acquire and develop municipal property. This allows us to anticipate potential issues and challenges before they arise and provide sound counsel throughout every step of what is often a complex process.

Our dynamic and comprehensive practice gives our clients easy access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a diverse range of legal areas that may come into play over the course of a public-private partnership, including land use and environmental, tax law, litigation, and appeals.

Commercial and Residential Real Estate Closings

Closing a real estate deal involves many moving parts, requiring coordination, attention to detail, and communication among a variety of entities. From reviewing title and surveys, to conducting due diligence, and negotiating and drafting the necessary documents, MZS attorneys are able to manage both residential and commercial closings with efficiency, while keeping our clients well-informed during each and every step of the process.

Real Estate Litigation

Should a dispute arise over the course of a public-private partnership our experienced litigators stand ready to assist. Whether the issue involves breach of contract, title issues, boundary dispute, zoning violations or a construction law violation, we are well-equipped to advocate on behalf of our clients. MZS attorneys appear regularly in the trial and appellate courts throughout Connecticut and are also experienced at resolving real estate disputes through alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration and mediation.

With experienced, knowledgeable, well-respected litigators immediately available, we are able to provide seamless representation to our clients, avoiding the unnecessary delay and complication that often results from bringing in outside counsel to handle the matter. Litigation is stressful enough for our clients; they do not need the additional challenge of having to find additional attorneys to bring up to speed, develop a rapport with, and, most important, trust.

As experienced practitioners with depth and breadth of knowledge across the spectrum of legal services, our real estate practice is dedicated to meeting our clients’ every legal need, becoming trusted advisors and building long-term relationships with our private developer clients as they navigate their public-private partnerships and beyond.

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