Land Use / Environmental Law

Why MZS? Insight and practical experience.

We represent municipalities, real estate developers, individual property owners, citizen groups, and civic organizations throughout Connecticut in a broad range of land use, zoning, and environmental matters. MZS has significant practical experience with land use issues. Our team includes lawyers who have served in state and local government, those who have represented a myriad of municipalities and those with an acute familiarity with regional planning organizations and how they interface with both local government and private development. Our clients benefit greatly from the knowledge and insight our government service provides, and it is this unique perspective that sets us apart from other municipal law firms. We know how to navigate the complexities of local government precisely because we have served in and represented local governments for so many years.

Our real estate developer clients value our decades of experience representing municipalities throughout Connecticut. We know what towns are looking for and expecting from developers and can anticipate potential issues, avoid surprises, and guide our clients through the regulatory process. At MZS we embrace a collaborative approach, maximizing the practical knowledge and local government experience of each of our seasoned attorneys to serve clients with responsiveness, efficiency, and confidence. Operating at the intersection of government and business, we deliver the practical wisdom and sound counsel our clients need to succeed.

On behalf of our clients, we appear regularly before state and local regulatory agencies, including planning and zoning commissions, inland wetlands commissions, and zoning boards of appeals. We litigate land use and environmental matters in court proceedings and are well-known and respected by judges throughout the State of Connecticut. In addition to being skilled trial lawyers, we are experienced in alternate dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. We routinely appear before the Connecticut Appellate and the Supreme Court on land use issues.

Land Use / Environmental Law Services

Our land use/environmental services include:

Land Use and Environmental Proceedings

We appear regularly before planning and zoning commissions, inland wetlands commissions, zoning boards of appeals, and other administrative agencies throughout the State of Connecticut. We offer our clients a depth and breadth of experience and valuable practical knowledge of the local conditions that may influence the outcomes of permit applications and appeals.

Zoning and Wetlands Enforcement Proceedings

We represent property owners, neighborhood groups, and municipalities in administrative appeals, including zoning and wetlands enforcement proceedings. We assist our clients in each step of the process, from the receipt of a notice of violation or cease and desist order, through any ensuing investigations or inspections, and at meetings or public hearings before the various commissions. Our experienced litigators and appellate practitioners have prevailed on numerous administrative appeals before the Connecticut Superior, Appellate and Supreme Courts.

Conservation Proceedings

We represent developers before local conservation boards and departments in obtaining permit approvals. Our practical knowledge and significant experience navigating the complexities of environmental regulations and ordinances allows us to provide focused, responsive, forward-thinking counsel to our clients.

Land Use Proceedings Challenging State Action

We have represented clients challenging controversial administrative decisions. Recently, we successfully represented clients in eastern Connecticut who opposed placement of the state police gun range in Pachaug State Forest. Our individual landowner and citizen group clients greatly benefit from the insight, local knowledge, and community relationships that our municipal law and local government experience provides.

Historic Districts

We assist developers navigating building code provisions relating to historic districts and historic properties. Our considerable experience in this area allows us to provide thoughtful, innovative, and practical solutions, while coordinating seamlessly with the relevant agencies, including the Department of Economic and Community Development and the local planning and zoning commissions.

Developer Applications for Federal Funding

We assist real estate developers engaged in public-private partnerships. MZS attorneys have a detailed knowledge and understanding of the complexities of the specific tax structure requirements, and have significant experience with federal grant opportunities, including the Economic Development Administration grant program, and Assisted Housing Stability and Energy and Green Retrofit Investments Program.

Intervenor Actions

We represent municipalities, developers, and individual landowners in intervenor proceedings. We bring our considerable experience in local government, in-depth knowledge of Connecticut’s environmental laws and regulations, and our firm’s comprehensive and innovative approach, to each land use matter we handle.

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