Labor & Employment

Why MZS? Comprehensive service.

MZS offers a multidisciplinary approach to serve our clients in a broad range of labor and employment matters, drawing on our experience and skill in litigation, appeals, day-to-day business and corporate law issues, and municipal law. As a team of seasoned practitioners with decades of experience, we are able to meet our clients’ needs, however sophisticated or complex, with efficiency and confidence. We take great pride in providing personalized attention, becoming trusted advisors to our municipal, business, and individual clients, who rely on us to provide thoughtful, practical, and strategic solutions to the labor and employment challenges they face.

We provide legal services across a spectrum of labor and employment issues to employers and employees in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Our services for municipal clients include advice on disciplinary and other personnel matters and procedures, as well as representation in collective bargaining, interest and grievance arbitrations, and prohibited practices charges. Our business and individual clients count on us to help them navigate the thicket of employment issues they encounter, including human resources counseling, personnel policies and procedures, workplace investigations, employment and severance agreements, and litigation of employment claims and appeals.

From advice on day-to-day employment matters, to delivering effective results and solutions to the needs and challenges of an increasingly complex workplace environment, our clients benefit from the multidisciplinary, collaborative, innovative approach that makes MZS exceptional.

Labor & Employment Services

Our labor & employment services include:

Municipal Labor Relations

We represent municipalities throughout Connecticut in a wide variety of labor relations matters, including collective bargaining, grievance and interest arbitration proceedings, prohibited practices complaints, and petitions for certification, election of representatives, or union recognition. Skilled negotiators and litigators, MZS Law attorneys have served in and represented local government for many years, providing valuable insight and perspective on the inner workings of municipalities and their long-term goals and business strategies.

Human Resources Counseling / Personnel Actions

We provide human resources counseling to employers in the public, private, and non-profit sector, helping them to create and maintain a positive and productive employee environment, while managing risk and planning for the future. Our HR services also include assistance with personnel actions, assessment of worker classification, wage and hour compliance, leaves of absence and reasonable accommodations, and employee discipline and discharge.

Statutory/Regulatory Compliance

We help new and established employers comply with changing state and federal workplace laws and standards. MZS attorneys routinely conduct reviews of our clients’ employment-related practices to ensure compliance with applicable laws and avoid potential future disputes.

Workplace Policies and Best Practices

We assist our clients with developing sound workplace policies and procedures. A detailed understanding of each client’s business needs, workplace, and circumstances is our mission, allowing us to provide creative, dynamic, and individualized solutions and services.

Workplace Trainings

We provide interactive training and coaching programs to employers on a wide variety of topics, including ethics, compliance, prevention of sexual harassment and discrimination, diversity, and leadership. Our programs are tailored to the specific needs and goals of each client and deliver practical and proactive advice, including the latest legal developments and trends in the ever-changing workplace.

Workplace Investigations

We conduct and counsel employers on workplace investigations, including allegations of discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and employee misconduct. We also perform risk assessments of our clients’ internal investigation systems and resources so that they are well-prepared to respond should the need for an investigation arise.

Employment and Severance Agreements

MZS attorneys have significant experience negotiating and preparing employment and severance agreements for both municipalities and private businesses. We also represent individuals in connection with employment agreements and other contract and employment issues.

Restrictive Covenants

We provide strategic guidance to clients concerning restrictive covenants and protection of their proprietary information. Recognizing the critical importance of protecting confidential information and trade secrets when an employee leaves, we work closely with our clients to draft agreements containing reasonable and enforceable post-employment limitations.

Litigation of Employment Matters / Labor Claims & Appeals

When litigation is necessary, we effectively and efficiently represent our clients in disputes over employment matters, as well as labor claims and appeals, in both state and federal courts and before state and federal administrative agencies, and in arbitrations. Our experienced litigators and appellate practitioners have prevailed in administrative hearings and in trials and appeals in courts throughout Connecticut.

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